Leading Figures

Gary Cziko - University of Illinois, USA

Gary Czikos

Gary Cziko is professor emeritus of educational psychology at the University of Illinois.

He has written two of the most accessible introductions to Perceptual Control Theory, in his books that are available online.

They are:

Things We Do: Using the Insights of Bernard and Darwin to Understand the What, How and Why of Behavior (Chapter Six).

Without Miracles: Universal Selection Theory and the Second Darwinian Revolution (Chapter Eight).

You can also try out a whole range of interesting ways to illustrate perceptual control on Gary Cziko's website.

Further key papers

Cziko, G. A. (1992). Purposeful behavior as the control of perception: Implications for educational research. Educational Researcher, 21(9), 10-18, 27.

Zhao, Y., & Cziko, G. A. (2001). Teacher adoption of technology: A perceptual-control-theory perspective. Technology and Teacher Education, 9(1), 5-30.