Leading Figures

Shelley Roy - USA

Shelly RoyShelley Roy is a recognized leader in human resource development who has worked with thousands of adults in a wide range of learning situations. For over ten years, Ms. Roy provided ongoing facilitation to over seventy improvement teams. Ms. Roy has consulted on a regional, state, national, and international basis on Leadership, Human Behavior, Change and Transition, Effective Communication, Models of Teaching, Interagency Collaboration, Effective Schools Research, Generational Diversity and other areas related to change and building productive teams. Much of her experience has included working with multi-cultural communities. She has taught both in the K-12 system and at the University level, in West Berlin, Germany, on the Navajo Reservation, New Mexico, in Junction City, KS, St. Cloud MN, and Leigh, NE.

Her experiences have been in the areas of Health, Human Services, Education and Business. She is one of the co-authors of A Connected School, and author of A People Primer: The Nature of Living Systems.

As president of Synergy Transition Consulting, senior faculty member of the International Association for Applied Control Theory (IAACT) and member of the Learning Bridges Training Team, she has conducted training across the United States, Canada, China and Australia.

A People Primer by Shelley Roy introduces PCT as a way of understanding how people work, click here for more information.